In over 40 years of selling residential real estate, I think that I’ve pretty much seen it all. And then, a new listing comes up where I realize, I was dead wrong. This happened to me just this last Friday. I’ll just call this listing, “the Bird House.”

But first a shameless plug for a terrific listing I have near “the bird house,” as these clients of mine were the ones who asked me about the bird house. My listing (1902 E. Tamar – See pics below) is on 4.38 gorgeous elevated acres in North Phoenix. It can be split into additional parcels or just kept as a private preserve area. Terrific views. The house is one of the best built homes I’ve seen and includes 14″ thick walls with an open great-room floor-plan. Very energy efficient. Click on the picture below to get more info.

Anyway, back to “the bird house.” The listing, by a fellow HomeSmart professional, states in the remarks section of the listing, “NO ACCESS TO INSIDE OF HOUSE!!! DO NOT ENTER HOUSE!!” Further instructions say to Realtors, “DO NOT SEND CLIENTS BY THEMSELVES AND DO NOT GO IN HOUSE PLEASE!!! ACCESS AT YOUR OWN RISK.” Now, being a member of the human race, that screams out to me, “Come on in!” So Jonathan and I drove out to the home near the Desert Hills community. The gate is padlocked, but we get in via Realtor access. Walking up to the home, which was built in 1988, there were dozens of bird cages sitting outside the home. Tremendous physical damage is evident everywhere we looked.


Then we hear cooing birds as we walk in the open front door. And there’s seemingly tons of pigeon poop plopped everywhere and filth on steroids. To say it was gross would be 2016’s understatement of the year.

There is a very long barn-like structure in the back that we did not dare venture in. Dozens of stalls, the size of horse stalls were screened in, no doubt housing more birds, perhaps exotic ones. More gross.

There’s much more to the visual and aromatic. We’ve taken a few pics for you. Oh yea, the house was appraised and sold in a day for $335,000 cash. It also sits on nearly 5 acres. The appraisal estimated $45,000 for demolition of all structures

And someone lived here.

Anyone want to see my Tamar listing?