North Scottsdale Friday Focus – 85262

North Scottsdale Friday Focus – 85262

North Scottsdale’s 85262 zip code is home to some of the most prestigious communities in all of Arizona, which include:

  • Troon North
  • Estancia
  • Desert Mountain
  • Mirabel Club
  • Carefree Ranch
  • Pinnacle Canyon
  • Merit Crossing
  • Rio Verde
  • Legend Trail
  • Candlewood Estates

THIS is “North” Scottsdale! Higher elevations, gorgeous desert, city light, golf, and mountain views show off the beautiful Sonoran Desert. 85262 is one of those zips that many think (dream) about when you mention “north Scottsdale.” Just off the beaten path, it’s still close to amazing North Scottsdale shopping, dining and entertainment in Kierland, Scottsdale Quarter, and DC Ranch.

Desert Mountain, the amazing luxury golf mecca is home to some of Arizona’s most beautiful homes. Rio Verde is getting well known for large acre-plus homesites, rural living, amazing mountain / Four Peaks views, quiet and solitary living in a Covid-Post Covid era.

Troon’s name is all you have to say with nationally acclaimed golf and resort living in one of the desert’s most incredible settings.

Single Family Detached Home Pricing:

Current home prices start at $375,000 up to $19,500,000. The average list price is $2.46M. The average home sale price in the past 6 months is $1.37M. There are good home values under a Million, however, with a sale of one home at $299,000. There are 55 homes currently priced between $375,000 and $1,000,000.

Up to Date 85262 Real Estate as of October 23rd, 2020

Today Last Month Last Year 1 Year Change
Active Listings: 340 307 353 -4%
Pending Listings 59 64 44 +34%
Sales Per Month 68 57 27 +152%
Sales Per Year 635 594 549 -%
Months of Supply 5.0 5.4 13.1 – 8.1 Months
Appreciation – Median* 10% 7% 11% +1%
Average Price – Sales** $1.19M $1,173M $824K +16%
Median Price – Sales*** $900K $880K $818K +10%

*Annual Median

**Annual Average

***Annual Median


Ten Bathrooms? In my opinion, not the best lead-in for this AZ Central article describing the most expensive home sale in Arizona’s history. Being a guy, I’d probably lead with the amazing 17 acre parcel in DC Ranch’s Silverleaf with the 10 car garage, followed by 29,700 Sq Ft

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The North Scottsdale Real Estate Advisory – Friday Focus: 85260

The North Scottsdale Real Estate Advisory – Friday Focus: 85260

Scottsdale’s 85260 Zip Code is located in the desirable NE Valley. It is bordered by Bell Rd and Frank Lloyd Wright on the North, Shea Rd on the South, Scottsdale Rd on the west, and Thompson Peak Parkway on the East.

Notable neighborhoods in this desirable community include:

  • Bent Tree
  • Buenavante
  • Rancho San Carlos
  • Desert Fairways
  • McDowell Ranchos
  • Mountainview Ranch
  • Paradise Valley Ranchos
  • Patterson Ranch
  • Pima Crossing

Much of the 85260 community is made up of larger near-acre lots – horse acres are what we call them, as many of these neighborhoods allow horses. Great schools and convenience shopping are nearby. Freeway access is very convenient too. Just a few minutes to the Loop #101 Pima Freeway, and 7-8 minutes to State Route 51.

Great Schools Ratings

One of the finest K-12 Charter schools in the 85260 Zip is Great Hearts Academy, with two locations also including a 5th – 12th. Cheyanne Traditional Elementary is also a top rated PK-8. There are a number of excellent College prep (Notre Dame Prep) and Christian schools (Thunderbird Christian Elementary in 85260.

Style of Homes

Many of the homes in the 85260 Zip were built in the 80’s. Modern home designs include Santa Barbara and Territorial style homes with vaulted or raised ceilings, many with larger lots, and many

with private pools. Many are family oriented two story homes.

Up to Date Real Estate as of October 1st, 2020

                                                            Today            Last Month              Last Year       1 Year Change
Active Listings:                               90                   87                               116                 -8%
Pending Listings                             32                   34                               28                   +14%
Sales Per Month                             53                   42                               42                   +26%
Sales Per Year                               520                 509                             575                 -10%
Months of Supply                          1.7                  2.1                              2.8                  -1.1 Months
Appreciation – Median*                11%                09%                            06%                +5%
Average Price – Sales**                $738k             $717K                         $628K            +18%
Median Price – Sales***                $770K            $750K                        $685K             +12%
*Annual Median
**Annual Average
***Annual Median


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The North Scottsdale Real Estate Advisory – 85255 Zip Code

The North Scottsdale Real Estate Advisory – 85255 Zip Code

The 85255-zip code is one of North Scottsdale’s zip codes that came to life in the 90’s with thousands of new homes being built in a number of nationally acclaimed planned unit developments, such as McDowell Mountain Ranch, Grayhawk and Troon North.

Later on, upscale communities like DC Ranch, including Silver Leaf, became, price-wise, the Paradise Valleys of North Scottsdale – gorgeous golf course neighborhoods blending in with eye-popping boulder out-croppings are to this day highly in demand.

It’s currently exploding in value, with the median price up 23% in one year, and the average price having risen 13%! The supply of homes for sale is fairly stable, currently at 320 homes, but there is only 2.7 months of supply, down from 4 months last year. Pending sales are up 52% vs the same period one-year ago.

                                                       Today            Last Month              Last Year       1 Year Change
Active Listings:                                320                 327                             356                 -02%
Pending Listings                              70                   65                               46                   +52%
Sales Per Month                             119                 99                               79                   +51%
Sales Per Year                                1058              1027                          1019              +04%
Months of Supply                          2.7                  3.3                              4.0                  -1.3 Months
Appreciation – Median*              23%                29%                            -5%                 +23%
Average Price – Sales**                $1.13M         $1.17M                     $852K            +13%
Median Price – Sales***              $850K            $960K                        $693K             +23%
*Monthly Median
**Monthly Average
***Monthly Median


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North Scottsdale Median Price Rose 10% in One Month?!

North Scottsdale Median Price Rose 10% in One Month?!

The North Scottsdale real estate market is killing it! The seven zip codes which comprise North Scottsdale are currently showing a monthly median sales price of $715,000. One month ago, the median sales price was $650,000. This is a median increase of $65,000 in one month! Yes, you heard me correctly, the North Scottsdale median sales price rose $65,000 – 10% – in one month.

Listing inventory in North Scottsdale has plummeted. One year ago, North Scottsdale home inventory was at 1409. This year, there are only 1044 homes currently for sale in North Scottsdale – a 26% drop!

How about North Scottsdale rentals? Rising to record lease prices, North Scottsdale home rental prices just hit $1.45 per square foot (psf) this September. This is .06 cents psf higher since last month and a rise of .17 cents psf in one year – a 13% rental price increase.

North Scottsdale Friday Focus – 85254 Market Update

North Scottsdale Friday Focus – 85254 Market Update

The 85254 zip code is one of North Scottsdale’s great central locations, however there is a not-so-dirty little secret about what’s known as the “magical zip code.” The 85254 zip is not in Scottsdale but is in the City of Phoenix and includes Phoenix city services. And the school district? It’s in the Paradise Valley School District. So why is it called Scottsdale? Mailing only. Talk to the postal service.

All of that doesn’t change what a cool place it is for many who call it home.

It’s also exploding in value, with prices up 22% in one year! The supply of homes for sale has dropped in half from 170 one year ago to 112 this month – a 34% inventory drop.

Today Last Month Last Year 1 Year Change
Active Listings: 112 117 170 -34%
Pending Listings 40 37 52 -23%
Sales Per Month 84 110 79 +06%
Sales Per Year 854 849 807 +06%
Months of Supply 1.3 1.1 2.2 -41%
Appreciation – Median* 22% 15% 11% +100%
Average Price – Sales** $665K $606K $543K +22%
Median Price – Sales*** $627K $593K $515K +22%

*Monthly Median

**Monthly Average

***Monthly Median

All Data courtesy of the Cromford Report

Considering Buying or Selling in North Scottsdale or the Northeast Valley. Give Mike a call at 602.689.3100 or send an email to: [email protected]

The Bodeen Zip Line Report – 06/01/2015

85254 – Zip Line Report

North Scottsdale zip code 85254, known as “The Magical Zip Code,” is showing that listings have increased compared to last summer but modestly. Pending Sales are up 33% over 2014 and likewise over 2013. Home sales have increased 17% and the median sales price increased 9% compared to 2014.

                                             2015              2014                2013

Active Listings:                     308                 281                 186

Pending Listings:                 60                   45                   44

Sales Per Month:                 77                   66                   104

Sales Per Year:                     752                 719                 966

Median Price:                       $413k            $378k             $391k


85255 – Zip Line Report

One of the strongest and most popular North Scottsdale zip codes is 85255 and the recent numbers for these communities suggest it’s remaining so. For example North Scottsdale 85255 currently has 72 pending sales compared to 57 last year, an increase of 26%. Sales have likewise increased. The 2015 median sales price increase over last year is among the strongest in Scottsdale at 26%.

                                              2015              2014                2013

Active Listings:                     629                 509                 371

Pending Listings:                 72                   57                   73

Sales Per Month:                 86                   74                   91

Sales Per Year:                     901                 896                 1045

Median Price:                       $765k            $633k            $685k


85258 – Zip Line Report

The Ranches and Lakes of Scottsdale which include McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale and Gainey Ranches, Lake Serena, Mountainviewlake, and the Bay Club is one of Scottsdale’s most attractive communities, especially if you like the colors of green and blue. Like North Scottsdale’s 85255 zip communities 2015 is having a strong sales year as well. With Pending home sales up 25% over last year and a sales increase of close to 10%, these special communities have soared in their median price – now at $601,000 compared with $520,000 in 2014 – an increase of 16%.

                                              2015              2014                2013

Active Listings:                     175                 146                 111

Pending Listings:                 24                   18                   23

Sales Per Month:                 42                   38                   36

Sales Per Year:                     367                 379                 413

Median Price:                       $601K                        $520k            $480k


85259 – Zip Line Report

Though you won’t hear it called this, the 85259 zip code is really “East” Scottsdale as it

                                              2015              2014                2013

Active Listings:                     258                 230                 157

Pending Listings:                 36                   33                   39

Sales Per Month:                 53                   38                   43

Sales Per Year:                     426                 425                 501

Median Price:                       663k               $595k            $530k


85260 – Zip Line Report

Perhaps North Scottsdale’s most central and (next to 85254) it’s most affordable zip code. The median price is pretty much mirroring August of last year, while sales were exactly the same from last year at 48 for the month.

                                              2015              2014              2013

Active Listings:                     222                 215                 145

Pending Listings:                 32                   33                   37

Sales Per Month:                 52                   48                   48

Sales Per Year:                     524                 481                 579

Median Price:                       $447k            $423k            $430k


85262 – Zip Line Report

North Scottsdale’s most expensive and one of its nicest community’s, the median price is up slightly from last year. Pending listings are down slightly.

                                              2015              2014              2013

Active Listings:                     522                352                 308

Pending Listings:                 42                   35                   40

Sales Per Month:                 40                   32                   42

Sales Per Year:                     398                 420                 467

Median Price:                       $697k            $740k            $735k


85266 – Zip Line Report

These very popular and upscale communities which are the North of North Scottsdale, and which is home to the newest zip code being added to Scottsdale, has seen appreciation of almost 20% from one year ago. Pending sales and August sales are down slightly from one year ago.

                                              2015              2014             2013

Active Listings:                     274                 150                 121

Pending Listings:                 32                   18                   20

Sales Per Month:                 40                   21                   25

Sales Per Year:                     279                 268                 374

Median Price:                       $650k            $735k            $620k


85253 (Paradise Valley) – Zip Line Report

The Valley’s most upscale, prestigious, and expensive town currently has 274 homes for sales compared to 150 one year ago. That’s interesting because usually when you get that much of an inventory increase, prices tend to go down. Not so in this case.  Pending sales are way up (32 vs 18).

The median sales price is currently $1,450,000 – up a whopping 17% from one year ago.

                                              2015              2014             2013

Active Listings:                     423                 301                 258

Pending Listings:                 38                   19                   24

Sales Per Month:                 37                   22                   30

Sales Per Year:                     338                 352                 386

Median Price:                       $1,450k         $1.235k         $1.270k


85268 (Fountain Hills)  – Zip Line Report

Scottsdale’s most immediate eastern neighbor is accurately named for its mountain slopes and town fountain. For those wanting a small town feel, it doesn’t get much better than here.

2015             2014             2013

Active Listings:                     175                 236                 193

Pending Listings:                 24                   21                   27

Sales Per Month:                 42                   32                   43

Sales Per Year:                     367                 450                 531

Median Price:                       $601k            $369k            $375k


85331 (Town of Cave Creek) – Zip Line Report

Cave Creek has done a great job of standing strong in value. The median sales price of $424,000 for August is up 13% from 2013 and pending sales are about the same as last year too.

     2015              2014             2013

Active Listings:                     366                 292                 243

Pending Listings:                 55                   58                   59

Sales Per Month:                 75                   56                   61

Sales Per Year:                     664                 609                 697

Median Price:                       $420k            $424k            $375k


85377 (Carefree) – Zip Line Report

The delightful and small town of Carefree is almost too small to accurately compare year to year stats. Having stated that, sales are slightly up from August 2014 at 60 – this compared to 115 one year ago. The median sales price brings one word to mind: BARGAIN!

                                               2015              2014              2013

Active Listings:                     122                 114                 92

Pending Listings:                 18                   6                      12

Sales Per Month:                 12                   6                      14

Sales Per Year:                     77                   87                   104

Median Price:                       $689k            $642k            $773k


85086 (Anthem – North Phoenix) – Zip Line Report

Welcome to newer homes with beautiful mountain views in an unspoiled north Phoenix environment. These communities are the bargains of the north valley. Prices are affordable and only a 30 minute drive time to Sky Harbor Airport. Inventory is down from last year, pending sales are up dramatically (61%) from one year ago and the median sales price has increased by 8%.

                                              2015              2014              2013

Active Listings:                     307                 376                 281

Pending Listings:                 106                 66                   101

Sales Per Month:                 98                   96                   122

Sales Per Year:                     948                 936                 1273

Median Price:                       $297k             $275k            $275k


*With thanks to Michael Orr and the Cromford Report for the Statistics used.