Stocks Versus Real Estate?

At last glance this Monday morning, the stock market’s DJIA was off 200 points. That’s really good news considering it started the day being negative by 1000 points — something about China’s slowing economy affecting our market. Hmm.

     What usually occurs when this happens is people begin to consider where they should put their investment monies if they were to sell off their stock. Is there a safe harbor out there? What’s interesting to me is that this global stock selloff is confirming what gold and silver investors have known for the past month, that world instability is good for them as the shaky markets drive up the price of precious metals. These commodities have risen 7% in the past 30 days. There are some however who are not as bullish on these metals as they used to be.
     An industry expert told me today that Phoenix real estate should perform relatively well with the sort of deflation that many fear we will be driven into based on China’s current economic trend.  This, he said, was because of our chronic short supply in relation to our growing population, which if you have been following us for a while, you probably have heard us talk about more than a few times!
     I wonder if many will see Phoenix real estate investments as that safe harbor. Why?  We have rapidly rising rent prices, low mortgage rates, and even though it’s a seller’s market for most investor price ranges, prices are still competitive compared to other metropolitan areas in the country.  It’s a market that many see stability and future growth in.
    Though my near 40 year career has been in real estate, and I’ve always been an advocate for Real Estate investment, my intention is not to bash stocks. In fact, my father’s success in investing utilized a balance of both real estate AND stocks. He was a common butcher with uncommon trust in his advisors who helped him select singular stocks based on their individual merit. He kept them for the long haul and never seemed to worry about the day to day gyrations of his stock because he was secure with the inherent strength of these selected companies. In the end he was financially well cared for and more importantly he lived life well, relatively free of worry, excepting of course for some of his wayward children – present company included.  The point being, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Real Estate is always better than stocks.
     While real estate and the stock market are entirely different animals, they do both share that quality where the little guy is most successful when he plays the long term buy and hold strategy, like my father did.
      “In the end…my father was financially well cared for and more importantly he lived life well, relatively free of worry…”
     These are fascinating times we live in – in every corner of the globe.
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Mike Bodeen