“Amazement in Progress ” or “Alive from the Dead “

Just five years ago, South Scottsdale and the downtown Scottsdale area lacked vision and major public participation. Comatose, flat-lined, and coffin-ready may have been used to describe the life level back then. But what’s currently happening in South Scottsdale, and especially the downtown Scottsdale area is truly amazing. Progress is arriving in a hurry!

South Scottsdale Community Information

  • Median Sold Price Range (Single Family Homes): $157,000 to $220,000
  • Median Sold Sales Price (Single Family Homes): $178,000
  • Median Sold Price Range (Townhomes/Condos): $27,000 to $1,150,000
  • Median Sold Price (Townhomes/Condos): $105,000

We define “South Scottsdale ” as: ZIP CODES: 85250, 85251 and 85257 – Prices are approximate based on MLS data.

Scottsdale Waterfront Luxury Condos

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If you haven’t been to downtown Scottsdale recently, take the time to have breakfast, lunch or dinner and just walk around. A good place to start is at the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce where a wealth of helpful information and maps exists to save you time and help you get around.

There is a sense that a civic and private partnership of vision and greatness is happening here in a major way. Best of all, for now at least, there are still affordable homes available.

The energy that is transforming this area is really quite new and exhilarating. There are neighborhoods that are being seriously upgraded, house by house, and owner by owner. Pride of ownership is never more noticeable than here, now, at this time.

Major new office projects built or announced since 2003 include the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center (ultimately 4,000 jobs occupying 1.2 million Sq Ft), the Portales 2 office building (100,000 Sq Ft) and the offices at the Scottsdale Waterfront (100,000 Sq Ft).

The majority of new money seems to be in the new construction of downtown condos, often called lofts. These pricey new digs are really appealing to singles and couples who want to be on the waterfront and/or at the heart of the nightlife in Downtown. Second homeowners are also finding these upscale “Lock and Leave” condos especially appealing.

The upscale and eclectic downtown area (including Old Scottsdale) is located in South Scottsdale, and has become an amazing story in itself. More on “The Downtown” later on as NorthScottsdale.com continues to grow in content. And of course, one of Scottsdale’s super upscale shopping centers is right in the heart of downtown – Scottsdale Fashion Square.

South Scottsdale Under $200,000

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