You probably don’t know Judy, Alan or Ruth. But they are three of many reasons why I love my work.

Bittersweet! This past Thursday afternoon Judy and I sat down at the closing table of Magnus Title as Judy was signing the deed for the sale of her Scottsdale Ranch Lake home. She’s owned it for 14 years and has had good memories in this home, but to be honest, I was still somewhat surprised that she expressed some emotion as we hugged goodbye. But in the past few hours as I’ve thought about this house closing, I’ve been thinking about some of the reasons why I still love what I do. And it has to do with people like Judy.

I was referred to Judy by her longtime friend Alan Dube. Alan was a Realtor with me at Realty Executives a number of years back when I managed the office at Scottsdale Ranch. At 80+- years of age, though he looked 70ish, Alan no longer wanted to be active in real estate, but he would nonetheless come by the office regularly to chat with me and others – it was therapy for his loneliness. I was so happy that he took the initiative to get out of the house to see people. I would meet with him periodically at Barnes and Nobel on Shea and the 101 where he would faithfully, daily, read the paper at the Starbucks lounge.

From time to time, Alan would refer these wonderful clients (friends really) to me. Judy was one of those referrals. Judy has this way about her that brightens up my day. She knows how to make people laugh. That’s the thing about our profession — often, if not usually, our clients become our friends. If you’re able to talk about personal finances with someone, you will usually talk about anything under the sun. Whether it’s anger, joy, sadness or happiness — it’s an honest expression of our humanity.

Alan and I had gotten to know each other pretty well. He had had some heart problems for which he had been hospitalized at Scottsdale (Shea) Healthcare. Alan, the consummate sales pro that he was then made fast friends with one of the hospitals finest ER nurses, Ruth. Alan then referred Ruth to me to sell her South Scottsdale home and then Ruth bought a new home in Surprise. Ruth is one of the sweetest people I know. Her heart for her family, friends, and those she helps at the hospital is amazing. She has a sweet passion for people.

Shortly after Alan got out of the hospital he started to attend Scottsdale Bible Church near his home. He would later mention to me how much he looked forward to Sundays – it was the best day of the week as he was getting to know some of the people there. He told me how much he enjoyed the hymns and the Pastor’s message. Alan loved to talk about these spiritual matters as it was a somewhat new dimension for him later in his life.

Without exception, these friends of Alan loved him. He was in a word, adorable! I don’t think he was even 5’ tall, which perhaps led to his loveable nature. He would always speak his mind though – you could count on that. Sadly, Alan passed away in 2011. I miss him.

So yes, I am a Realtor Professional – have been for over 35 years. There were a number of other directions I could have taken and some directions I did take that perhaps I shouldn’t have, but each time, I came back to what I know and love. I have met so many Judy’s, Alan’s’ and Ruth’s and I’m a richer man for having known them.