When it comes to real estate trends nationally, Arizona often leads the nation statistically. We’ve seen this happen quite a bit this past decade, where in 2004 we started seeing Phoenix area homes get snatched up and home prices significantly escalate. We then watched the rest of the nation increase as well.

Market pricing peaked in August of 2005 followed by a steep decline which bottomed out in March of 2009. Foreclosures and Short Sales were the talk of the town. Investors poured into Arizona from all over to gobble up cheap homes. Flipping came to mean something much different than turning burgers.

Unfortunately, most all other states followed Arizona’s seismic downturn too. And that trend continues today. Amazingly, Arizona is now in the top five states with the lowest foreclosure sale notices.  We’ve turned around, other states have not.

Previously, the rest of the nation had been watching Arizona’s prices rise and their values followed suit. Now, Arizona is falling and, in my opinion, we’ll now observe the rest of the nation’s values likewise dropping.
Current Market Trends:

Locally, our largest cities, Phoenix and Mesa still have higher median prices currently compared to last year at this time. Phoenix one year ago had a median sales price of $179,000. Today, that median has increased to $190,000 – a 6% increase. Mesa, one year ago, was $179,950 compared to $198,500 today – an amazing 10% rise. Chandler ($255,000) and Tempe ($240,000) was a no gainer and a no loser, remaining the same. So as an owner of residential real estate, you just read the good news.

The current median sales price however for most other cities is down compared to one year ago. We have been watching this change trending over the past 6 months, and now it’s official. So, how have other cities fared this past year? Here’s a few:

Anthem: $246,000 vs $245,000. Less than 1% Price Drop.
Peoria: $230,255 vs $224,900. 2% Price Drop.
Fountain Hills: $391,950 vs $382,500. 2% Price Drop.
Scottsdale: $450,000 in 2013. $430,000 currently. 4% Price Drop.
Paradise Valley: $1,517,000 vs $1,362,000. 10% Price Drop.

So the market has changed over the past two months as previous stronger markets have weakened and a few of the weaker markets are improving.

Takeaway? Sellers, be realistic in pricing. Buyers, conditions for you continue to improve. Be ready.