The holidays are over and you’ve sworn you’ll never have ALL the family over for Christmas dinner again, at least not uncle, “Lampshade” Louie. Discussion has once again turned to, “Should we put the house on the market?”

The all too common spousal back and forth banter takes place, but this time, you’re both in agreement. Though we may love it, we’re going to list it!

But when? Is there a best time to put the house on the market? Or does it even matter? Important question. Unfortunately sometimes there’s no choice about the “when” because your job transfer finally came through, or finances dictate the time to be NOW!

With few exceptions, more Phoenix-Scottsdale homes are under contract in April and May than any other month.

But if  you had a choice, and you wanted to peg it according to the season that most buyers are looking, then yes, there is a statistical difference, but with caveats.

If you’re looking at pure statistics, and perhaps common sense, the ideal time to list your house in the Phoenix-Scottsdale metro area begins in March/April. With few exceptions, more Phoenix-Scottsdale homes are under contract in April and May than any other month. Of course if you live in a colder, snowier part of the country, then that timing will be delayed.

The best time to list should be when your curb appeal looks the very best. Green lawns, blooming flora, and a freshly painted exterior (if needed) will by themselves increase your house showings. In general, the more house showings, the quicker the sale and for the best price.

The other reason why spring is the better time to sell is that so families can be settled in their new home before school starts up again in August.

Now, having said all that, the choice of “when” will be different for the type of area you live in. If you live in an “Over 55” community, such as Sun City West, Trilogy in Vistancia, or McCormick Ranch, then you will want your house on the market as soon as you can following the holidays. This is when snowbirds who are renting and enjoying our mild winter desert temps, or out of town visitors, are going to be looking at homes for sale, especially seeking out Open Houses to go through.

Next week (Part Two) we’ll look at how best to prepare your Phoenix-Scottsdale home for sale and how much you should do, and not do.