I get a lot of questions asked of me — thousands and thousands over the years. I also read many questions from folks who purportedly ask their Realtor a question, but you can pretty easily tell that it’s more marketing generated than actual and factual.

As part of our blogging, we’ll be adding our own Q and A’s as well. Some, like the one posted today, is verbatim from my client and my response. Others are questions asked in the past, or a really good question that I’ve come across recently.

Either way they’re unusual questions, hence my answers can also tend to be unusual.

Cathy writes:

“Hi Mike,

I hope this email finds you well. I’ve been getting your monthly newsletter and I appreciate your notes!!!

 I need some advice for a co-worker. I would love for her to work with you instead of the realtor she is currently working with. My co-worker is a divorced mom looking for a single home in the Surprise/El Mirage area. She is available to view homes on weekends and during week M/W/F after 7pm. Her realtor says she doesn’t show homes that late. Is my co-worker asking too much or is that too late? She’s trying to decide if she needs to change realtors.

Any of your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

All my best,


Great to hear from you Cathy. And it’s a great question.

Does her agent show her homes Sat AND Sun? How long has she been looking for a home? How many homes has she seen? How long has she been working with the Realtor? It’s not real cut and dry. Sometimes the buyer can have too high an expectation on spending time with the agent. On the other hand, many of us will work with our buyers as much as we can, because to do work for them. Showing homes when it’s dark is not recommended, but as daylight time increases we can show later into the evening.

With my son Jonathan now working with me we are able to increase our time with clients, but we also don’t want to interfere in the agency relationship of another agent. The real question concerns your co-worker’s comfort level with the business relationship. If she’s not “reasonably” satisfied, she should interview other professionals.

I would be happy to talk with her, and of course would not coerce her into leaving her existing agent. That’s a business decision she needs to make.

And thank you so much for thinking about me. That means a lot!

Take care!

-Mike Bodeen