For most of the nation, the holidays ended after New Year’s, but in Arizona, especially the Phoenix Metro communities, the party continued unabated through January, and ended yesterday with a Patriots interception in Super Bowl XL1X with 19 seconds left on the clock. Or did it end in a slugfest? Either way it ended and will go down as one of the great Super Bowls of all time. And in my opinion, it was a week (actually a month) that saw Phoenix and Arizona positively elevated by the glow of Super Bowl publicity.

It’s difficult (at best) to actually gauge all the benefits that will accrue to the Valley and State from the events of this past month. Is golf your thing? Well, not only can you play here in the dead of winter, but the Phoenix Open had some of its cooler temps and light rain Friday and Saturday but it still trumped most all other weather in the U.S. and had Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson (for Thursday and Friday anyway), and then Sunday’s warmth and sunshine climaxed a great finish, and timed the ending perfectly to switch over to the Super Bowl.

Are cars or horses a great love for you? Well, if so, the month of January would have pleased with the Arabian Horse show and the Barrett Jackson Car auction/event in North Scottsdale. And just as the football season ends, here comes baseball and spring training that will be starting up shortly.

And if you’re living here, whether it be as a snowbird or permanent resident, there are so many incredible great eateries and resorts, arts and sports throughout the valley to enjoy. And our people, including visitors, are a proverbial smorgasbord of niceness. And of course, the beauty of the Sonoran desert is amazing.

Regarding our local housing market, this type of continuous and positive national media coverage serves to reinforce a terrific and high quality place to live. Make no mistake, companies and prospective residents will continue to be checking us out. And as my baby boomer generation continues to age, many will want to age in warmth and recreation. And judging by what I’ve been observing recently with out of town buyers, they are liking what they see – and feel.

Do we have issues? Of course. All places do – welcome to humanity. But more important, welcome to a place that seems to really be learning how to provide folks with a Super lifestyle.