Home remodeling is making a comeback. Is it in full swing? Not yet, although companies like Home Depot and Lowes would have a better grip on that than I would.

As the economy appears to be improving (notice the word “appears”) homeowners are more willing to plunk down some serious dollars to upgrade their homes to the latest design trends for 2015. And as they do, they’re asking questions about what’s in style and what’s not. These are important questions. No one wants to waste money.

Well, my wife Karen knows that I’m not a design expert, but I know how my clients respond to what they’re seeing in homes. Today I’ll discuss design trends in flooring. In the next few weeks, we’ll look at countertops. These are two of the more expensive items in a remodel, but make a huge impact with buyers and owners.

First, the flooring. Flooring quality has taken positive steps in recent years and is pretty affordable. Whether it’s real or engineered wood, laminate, vinyl or tile, you’ll be amazed at the value and look that’s out there.

A local website of Scottsdale based Amy Wolf Interiors (http://amywolffinteriors.com/hardwood-tile/) has some great info on it and you can click on this link to get her many good insights. One of the huge design trends for 2015 and one that has resonated well with myself and clients is hardwood tile. A quality hardwood tile is almost impossible to distinguish from good hardwood. (see tiled floor photos below) but it has the durability of tile which sets itself against the recent perennial favorite of Travertine tile. Travertine is a gorgeous look, but due to its porous nature will scratch, chip and crack. Refinishing it is not cheap either. Travertine is no longer the “in” stone, but the “look” remains fabulous.


Solid and engineered woods are very popular right now as well, as in who doesn’t like real wood, right? The latest issue of Consumer Reports (CR-Aug 2015) has terrific flooring information and ratings. If you’re considering a major investment in home remodeling, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of it.

Overall, what’s the best bang for the flooring buck according to CR? Tarkett, Congoleum, and Armstrong brand vinyls scored highest and sell for less than wood, and the look is also incredibly stone and wood-like.

Oh and by the way Mr. Realtor, do you get your money back at resale with any of these flooring investments? Great question and not an easy answer. I can tell you though that if you have an outdated looking floor that begs “get rid of me” then you’ll take a hit at the checkout counter. Regrouped costs are an important consideration for sure, but more importantly is your day to day enjoyment. If you spend higher now to be able to achieve that, you win and your ROI (return on investment) returns every day of the year.

Personally, I’d go with the tile. It’ll go the distance and keep its look.