One of the most asked questions I get in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is, “When’s the best time to sell my home?

In general, if it’s a Seller’s market where inventory is low and buyers are plentiful – all months are good, but there are some months, that if you have a choice, it would be best to stay away from – the holidays for sure. Reasons being is that there are fewer buyers, and practically, it’s a stress that few homeowners want to endure. Plus, the best time of year, when most buyers are looking commences in February and by that time you will have accumulated added “days on the market” which will work against you.

Statistically, most “closings” occur in Spring, specifically, March and April. Therefore, most homes go “under contract” in February and March. Most buyers tend to look in the spring following the holiday season. So sellers, ideally, you will want to have your house on the market by February 1st – in Arizona that is.

Having said all that, having your house on the market during the holidays is not the end of the world, especially if you live in an “over 55” community like Sun City West for example. In that case being on the market during our winter months is a benefit as that has the most buyers for that particular market. Scottsdale also has plentiful buyers for second homes in the winter months.

And this next year, Arizona will have an immense amount of out of town visitors coming to the valley for the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl, not to mention all the other great winter attractions we have while the rest of the country is still digging out.


-Mike Bodeen