You may recall that a recent blog discussed a home we have in escrow in the Desert Hills area of North Phoenix and that the VA (buyer’s lender) wanted a passing water quality test because it’s a private well. Well, (pun intended) we didn’t get the passing grade as this home had elevated arsenic levels. Come to find out that this was not uncommon in the North Phoenix areas serviced by private wells.

      We then proceeded to find a company who could install a water purification system (Reverse Osmosis) that would reduce the arsenic to acceptable EPA levels. The problem was compounded when the buyer wanted to have the whole house treated, which could have cost tens of thousands of dollars, effectively killing the deal.

     Further frustration ensued for us because no one from the buyer’s end was helping him to be reasonable. We couldn’t talk to the selling agents as this company’s system only allows for other Realtors (that would be me) to talk to the Transaction Manager, not the Realtors. This was a so called “Realtor Efficiency.”

     So what did we do? I suggested that I and the Transaction Manager talk to the buyer directly on a conference call. This we did. I recommended that the buyer speak directly with the water company rep that I had spoken with so that the buyer would have confidence that by having one unit under his kitchen sink would provide him with excellent drinking water protection. He took our advice and contacted the rep and the rep was able to convince him that this was indeed the case. There were several companies that had R.O. systems that could likewise solve the problem, but in the end the buyer’s comfort level was with Kinetico’s brand.

      So, did the deal finally get done? Well, the short answer is that the deal is ALMOST done, as we close on the 7th of July (sometime today), but the arsenic in the well water issue has been solved to the satisfaction of all parties.