Well today is the near Ultimate Twosday, 2-22-22. I suppose the ultimate, ultimate Twosday would be 2-22-2222. But, hey, this is close enough.

So here’s your Bodeen chuckle for the week. Let’s go back to 1969, with that one hit wonder from Zager and Evans: “In the Year 2525.”


Now I’m not implying that our market will reach “normal” in 200 or 503 years, but it won’t be anytime soon, either. We’re showing two charts today with converse directions: The Greater Phoenix Metro current market “median sales price,” and “Days of Inventory.”

First we’ll look at our current median sales price:

According to the Cromford Report, our Median Sales Price continues to rise to a present day $445,500, which is up from $350,000 one year ago – a 27% increase. Will this change? Yes, it will, but the change will look like 2001 to 2004, where there was a 21% change – over three years — or, 7% per year. And it could take a while to commence that line. 6 months? A year? Longer, before that modest annual increase sets in?

Can we begin to see when the market will change? Yes. “Days of Inventory” is probably the best leading indicator we have of a changing market.

Our market will change in favor of buyers as the days of inventory increase. As listings stay on the market longer, this will work in tandem with increased listings on the market, bringing greater supply. Supply must increase! Supply can of course increase due to a number of factors, such as pricing and mortgage rates getting too high. Affordability, or lack of it will bring more listings.

Also, having worked in this industry since the creation of dirt, I’ve seen a few things. Historically, when prospective home sellers believe that that market has hit it’s peak, they will put their home on the market to try and catch the top. This is truer of investors which currently own over 200,000 rentals in Phoenix. If major corporate rental owners liquidated their holdings, we’d see a mass market shift. That will not happen. Investors (landlords) saw rents rise in the 20% plus range. And the rental market is as tight as the buying market. They’ve got a hugely good gig going. Investors are still buying.

To wrap: Beg. Borrow. Steal. Just buy a house.