Last week, a client and friend emailed me a great and timely question, and yesterday the answer came. First, his question:

“Hello Mike, Obviously buying anything now is anything but easy, but are there any areas…of town whose prices haven’t gone as far to the moon as the rest or is it all equally bad?”

His question is probably on the minds of many these days. So, we look to Cromford’s Ranking Table published yesterday, March 13th, 2022 which ranks the 40 cities of Phoenix Metro. The Annual Average Price Per Square Foot (PSF) is what is compared with the previous PSF at the same time last year. It is ranked from highest PSF to lowest. Important to note is that these ranked homes are single family detached – not condo, townhouse, etc.

What sticks out to me is, and has been no surprise for many years, is the Northeast Valley, which is the highest priced geographical quadrant in Metro Phoenix. Paradise Valley, one year ago had a PSF of $471 (numbers rounded). It rose 30% to $613 presently – a 30% increase. Scottsdale follows with a 29% PSF increase ($410 vs $318). Carefree, Rio Verde (NE Scottsdale), Fountain Hills and Cave Creek round out the top 6 cities – the only cities priced over $300 PSF – all rose over 25%!

The other non-surprise is that many of the most affordable cities per PSF, are those located out of town. Seven more distant cities that are priced under $200 PSF are those further out. Interestingly, the two highest PSF increases were out there in Coolidge and Tonopah – at 40% and 42% respectively.

Oh yea, Tonopah, (aka East L.A.)  is near the place that Bill Gates guy bought 25,000 acres in 2017 to develop a “Smart City” known as Belmont. Oh, and isn’t that area right near the proposed Interstate 11 which will traverse from Mexico to Canada some century? Hmm.

For more info on Belmont: